Teeside and Cleveland

This is the other British region important to the Dan Latus novels. It is where the author grew up. It is also the region he studied at length in his academic days, intent on understanding better what happened during the heady days of industrialization in the mid-nineteenth century. Those days are long gone, of course, but their legacy remains in the towns of Teesside and the mining villages of East Cleveland. And all that is imposed on the still beautiful landscape of the Cleveland Hills and the North York Moors. Frank Doy, the private investigator who lives and works there, appears in a number of the novels: Risky Mission, Out of the Night, A Death at South Gare, Living Dangerously.
SouthGare Fisherman Huts, Redcar, Teesmouth SouthGare Breakwater, Redcar, Teesmouth Redcar Steelworks, Teeside

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