North Northumberland

Image of the River Coquet, Rothbury, Northumberland

Although it may not be so true now, new authors often used to be advised to write about what they know. Dan Latus didn't really do that, but he did, and still does, like writing about the places he knows best. So North Northumberland, where he lives, was the location for the first of his books, Never Look Back. It also features heavily in Run for Home and Living Dangerously.

View South from the Cheviots Hills, Northumberland

Some readers may even see in those novels a strong resemblance to the village of Rothbury and the valley of Coquetdale. Dan Latus would decline to comment, insisting that the needs of the writer of fiction sometimes require departure from literal truth on the ground. These, after all, are stories, not essays in geography or local history.

Image of the River Coquet, Windyhaugh, Northumberland

Even so, there is no doubt that the stories draw heavily on the lonely, beautiful landscapes of the northern borderlands of Northumberland. They draw, too, on the lives of the people who occupy this very distinctive region.

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