Cover art for the book A Death at South Gare

"A Death at South Gare"

Private investigator Frank Doy makes an off-duty visit to the South Gare, the breakwater at the mouth of the River Tees. He is looking forward to seeing a spectacular high-tide in that wild windswept place. Instead, he sees a man in the sea, with no hope of rescue or survival, and shortly afterwards three men who he believes might well have put him there.

Frank discovers that the drowned man was the greatly-respected local MP, and as the only witness to his death he himself is now in deep trouble. But he can't just walk away. He needs to protect himself, and he wants justice for the murdered man. Aided by a young woman who was a close friend of the victim, and is herself in jeopardy, he unravels a plot by sinister industrial interests backed by global money.

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