Central Europe

Dan Latus also makes several forays into Central Europe, the Czech Republic and Slovakia in particular. Much of the action in Run for Home indeed is based in Prague. It's an unfashionable region, perhaps, but it is also one of great mystery and beauty. Lost behind the Iron Curtain to Western eyes for several decades, it is now once again part of mainstream European life, just as it was when it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the outbreak of the First World War.

Picture of a park in Prague, Picture of the Hotel Sliezsky dom, High Tatras, Slovakia

Prague is perhaps the greatest of cities from that era, the place where several cultures, languages and national identities always met, and do still. Hard to believe that Prime Minister Chamberlain referred to it as the capital of a faraway country of which the British knew little. After all, it includes Mariánské Lázně (formerly Marienbad), where Edward VII and so many other crowned kings of Europe were accustomed to spend part of their summers.

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